1. Acceptance of the General Conditions of Sale
These Terms and Conditions govern the commercial relationship between CMaison and the client of the site CMaison.fr. 
The customer declares to have taken note of the following provisions before ordering products. By choosing to buy products on CMaison.fr, the customer expressly accepts the terms set out below. 
In case of contradiction between the present general conditions of sale and any other document appearing on the site, including charter of quality or equivalent document, these general conditions prevail.

2. Prices
The prices displayed on the site CMaison.fr are expressed in Euros, all taxes included, and this excluding participation in the expenses of expedition. Transactions are denominated in Euros. 
The price indicated in the summary of your order is the final price. This price includes the price of the total of the order with the detail of each product and the shipping costs. 
CMaison reserves the right to modify at any time the offer published on the site CMaison.fr in terms of products and prices, depending in particular on the constraints related to suppliers.However, products will be billed on the basis of the rates in effect at the time of ordering, subject to availability. 
In case of obvious error on the price, due to an error of seizure, CMaison reserves the right to cancel the sale. An arrangement will then be offered to the customer. 
Our sales are concluded with reservation of property. The products remain the property of CMaison until the complete collection of the price.

3. Ordering
The customer can order by Internet at the address CMaison.fr. 
By clicking on the "Confirm Order" button after the order process, you declare that you accept fully and without reserve the entirety of these Terms and Conditions. 
The data recorded by CMaison are proof of all transactions between CMaison and its customers. The data recorded by the payment system is proof of financial transactions. 
CMaison confirms to the client that his order is taken into account by e-mail at the address indicated by the customer. 
As part of a payment by Carte Bancaire, the sale is considered as concluded only after the acceptance of the payment by SP +, the secure payment system of the Caisse d'Epargne and the confirmation of the order By CMaison. 
CMaison reserves the right to refuse or cancel any new order from a customer with whom a dispute exists. In addition, in case of concern related to the processing of the order, CMaison will contact the customer directly to the coordinates indicated by him, in order to inform him and to propose a solution. 
When placing an order, the customer provides the following information under his / her sole responsibility:
. E-mail adress 
. Last name and first name 
. Address 
. City 
. Postal code 
. Phone 
. Fax 
In the event of an error in the recipient's address details, CMaison can not be held responsible for the impossibility of delivery, especially if these are incomplete.

4. Products
The products offered comply with the French legislation in force. They are produced and marketed by recognized manufacturers on their own responsibility. 
CMaison has complete independence in the selection of the products offered. 
The photographs of the products have no contractual nature, their precise weight or that of the packaging that the suppliers can modify as the range evolves. 
CMaison reserves the right at any time and without notice to add or remove products from its catalog.

5. Availability of products
Our product offers are available within the limit of available stocks. 
For products not stored in our warehouses, our offers are subject to availability at our suppliers. 
In this context, indications on the availability of the products are provided to you at the time of placing your order. This information is only indicative as it comes directly from our suppliers.Exceptional errors or modifications are beyond our control and CMaison can not be held responsible for them. 
When ordering a single item, an unavailability of this item results in the sending of an e-mail notifying the customer of the stock shortage and the replenishment delay. 
As part of an order composed of several items: an unavailability on one of the ordered articles causes an e-mail to be sent notifying the customer of the stock shortage and the replenishment time for the missing item. 
CMaison then reserves the right to split the delivery. The additional shipping costs that can be generated by a split delivery will be assumed by CMaison.

6. Area, time and delivery rates
A- Delivery area 
Delivery is limited to the following areas: 
• Metropolitan France, DOM-TOM and Corsica 
• Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Monaco, Andorra, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Portugal 
• The other countries or territories are excluded from the delivery area.
B- Preparation of the order 
Between the order and the shipment, the preparation of the package requires a delay of 12h to 48h depending on the time of receipt of the order for the products stored at CMaison, and up to 10 working days for the products stored at the suppliers. 
Orders are shipped or delivered to the customer only after receipt of full payment.
C- Delivery time 
For metropolitan France the standard delivery times are 48 hours * after delivery of the parcel to the courier company. However, you have the option of selecting express delivery (24 hours *) at an additional cost. 
For Corsica, French Overseas Departments and overseas, the deadline is 5 to 8 working days * 
* Information provided by carriers 
On the CMaison.fr site, an indication of the delivery time is given on each product sheet. 
In order to describe as accurately as possible the total time between the order and the delivery (order preparation + delivery time), the following conventions are used in the site: 
• product in stock at CMaison: delivery time 2 to 5 days 
• product in stock at a supplier: indicated period from one week to 15 days 
These periods are for metropolitan France. For the other zones it is necessary to add the differential corresponding to the difference of delivery time announced by the carrier. 
CMaison undertakes to be diligent in preparing and sending parcels.
D- Receiving by the customer 
I - Delivery method 
CMaison will deliver 100% of the orders to Lyon and Villeurbanne via bicycle racks (classic cycles or with boxes), or electric vehicles for large parcels. 
For these parcels, collection does not require any motor vehicles because of the proximity of the warehouses of CMaison with those of the carrier. 
You are therefore guaranteed a 100% clean delivery from the premises of CMaison! 
For other destinations, classic courier companies have been selected. The majority of parcels will be transported by La Poste or TNT. Again, for reasons of proximity, collection involves a very limited use of motor vehicles. 
Delivery of the products will be made to the address indicated by the customer at the time of the order. 
The customer has the possibility to request a delivery to a relay-parcel close to the indicated address (except Lyon and Villeurbanne), in the "comments" area of the order form. In this case, the carrier will not deliver the indicated address but will select the nearest package relay and will then notify the customer of the address at which he can withdraw the parcel. 
Ii - Schedule 
The parcels are delivered between 8:30 and 18:30 from Monday to Friday. 
Express delivery (24h) before 13:00 is possible from Monday to Saturday (for an additional cost). 
Iii - Information required for delivery 
The delivery of the package as of the first attempt saves time and money for all actors in the chain: CMaison, the carrier, and the customer. 
In order to allow a first-time delivery under the best conditions, we kindly ask you to specify any useful information concerning in particular the delivery address and the availability of the receiver in the "comments" area of the order form: days of absence , Unavailable hours, digicode, name bell, ... 
If you are working during the week, it is strongly recommended that you indicate your business address as your delivery address in order to avoid multiple delivery failures. Indeed most of the packages will not enter your mailbox. 
Iv - Receiving the package 
The customer is required to check the condition of the package upon delivery. In case of missing or degraded, the customer must make reservations with the carrier at the time of delivery, or the representative of the post office or relay package if applicable. These reserves are to be carried on the delivery note. It is therefore advisable not to take leave before opening and checking the contents of the package. 
Contact us at contact@CMaison.fr with your details, the order number and the nature of the problem, in order to obtain a new delivery. 
In case of repeated absence of the customer during the delivery or non withdrawal by the customer of the parcels left at the disposal of the post office, or to the relay parcel, any expenses of return of the products to CMaison and of redirection of the order are on client fee. 
In Lyon and Villeurbanne, in case of failure of delivery, the customer will have the possibility to withdraw the goods to the depot of the carrier, or in the premises of CMaison without extra cost. 
Any delay in delivery in relation to the deadlines indicated in these general conditions does not entitle CMaison to damages. 
CMaison is relieved of its obligation to deliver in case of force majeure such as war, riot, fire, strike, accident, natural disaster, inability to supply from a supplier.
E- Delivery Rates 
The cost of delivery to the customer is liable to vary according to the geographical area, the time and the delivery time, as well as the weight or the value of the objects ordered. The shipping costs are unchanged for the same order regardless of the number of items ordered. 
Withdrawal by the customer to the sales area of CMaison: 0,00 € tax incl. 
For other cases, please send us an estimate to contact@CMaison.fr 
The costs are then of a minimum of 40 € TTC except metropolitan France, and 60 € TTC for the TOM. 
At the time of the order, it is the customer who selects the shipping costs corresponding to his order (delivery area, amount of the order). 
The shipping costs in metropolitan France are offered for any order over 60 € TTC, weighing less than 3 kg and deliverable in colissimo 48h. 
In all other cases, the corresponding shipping costs must be selected and acknowledged with the order. 
If the customer fails to select the corresponding shipping costs, or if he chooses a category that does not correspond to the reality of his order, the company reserves the right to shift the delivery or even cancel the order purely. 
The shipping costs are likely to evolve in particular according to the evolution of rates of courier companies.

7. Payment
The price of the products is payable in cash on the day of the actual order. This price is indicated on the order confirmation sent to the customer by CMaison. 
Payment may be made by 
Credit card: Visa, EuroCard, MasterCard, CB 
The Caisse d'Epargne's SP + secure payment system is used by the CMaison.fr site. 
The personal information that the clients are required to communicate are perfectly protected and encrypted before transmission to the treatment center. 
The order of a customer will be considered effective only when the payment center has given its approval. In case of refusal from SP + Caisse d'Epargne, the order will be automatically canceled.CMaison will notify the customer concerned by e-mail. 
Check made payable to CMaison: 
After having selected this method of payment, the customer sends a letter specifying the number of the order with a check corresponding to the total amount of the order and the delivery costs to. 
CMaison will prepare the order without delay and send it after endorsement of the check (ie an average delay of 2 working days after receipt). 
In the event of a flagrant inconsistency between the amount of the selected costs and the delivery address or the weight of the package, the order will not be shipped. 
Cash for amounts under 150 € TTC: 
In this case, CMaison will notify the customer when his order is ready, so that the customer will take delivery directly to the sales area during opening hours, or by appointment.

8. Promotions, discounts, loyalty
CMaison is able to give its customers discounts on all or part of the catalog. 
Discounts are based on the displayed price (not crossed out). Thus in case of price barred the discounts apply on the price already stored on the site. The catalog prices are subject to change without notice, in particular in case of incorrect entry. 
Types of discount: 
• Discount given to a group of people (eg members of a tennis club): in this case, members are given a gift voucher to enter when ordering, or are assigned to a group that benefits from the discount. In this case, justifications may be requested for registration in the group, and a simple procedure will be disseminated to its members through the intermediary. 
• Discount granted to an individual: Anyone who has accumulated a certain amount of purchase including tax on the site CMaison.fr is likely to benefit for his next purchases vouchers, or additional discounts valid on the whole site. 
• Gift vouchers are deducted from the displayed price. 
The data recorded by the computer system of CMaison are proof of all the transactions passed between CMaison and its customers.

9. Back to Products
The customer has 7 clear days from the delivery (article L 121-16 of the consumer code) to return an item. 
CMaison agrees to exchange the item or grant a credit, or to refund it without special reason, provided that it is returned unused and intact in its original packaging. The customer must be issued a duplicate of the "return ticket" by the carrier. 
If the liability of CMaison is not involved in the reason for the return (delivery in conformity with the order), the expenses of return will be the load of the customer and therefore deducted from the credit or refund or invoiced for an exchange. If the liability of CMaison is in question (different delivery of the order), these expenses will be assumed by CMaison. 
Items returned incomplete, damaged or soiled by the customer are in no case resumed. 
To make a return, please contact us beforehand by email to: contact@CMaison.fr

10. Liability
The products offered comply with the French legislation in force. 
The photographs and the texts reproduced and illustrating the products presented are not contractual. Consequently, the responsibility of CMaison can not be committed in case of error in one of these photographs or one of these texts. 
CMaison can not be held responsible for failure to perform the contract concluded in the event of a stock-out or unavailability of the product, in case of force majeure, disturbance or strike total or partial especially postal services and means of transport and / or communications , Flood, fire, disaster. 
Hyperlinks may refer to sites other than the site CMaison.fr. CMaison disclaims any liability in the event that the contents of these sites contravene the legal and regulatory provisions in force. 
Moreover, the customer undertakes to respect the conditions and precautions of use of the products, especially if they are stipulated on the notices or packaging, or on the product sheets of the site CMaison.fr. 
CMaison can not be held liable for damages of any kind that could result from misuse of items delivered to the customer. 
CMaison can not be held liable for any changes made by the manufacturers and / or suppliers in the composition of the articles sold on the site CMaison.fr. 
In any case, the liability of CMaison will be limited to the amount of the order.

11. Applicable Law and Disputes
This agreement is subject to French law. The language of this contract is French. In the event of a dispute over its interpretation and / or execution, the Commercial Court of Lyons will be solely competent. 
The client and CMaison will always favor an amicable solution before any legal action. 
Pursuant to articles 313-1 et seq. Of the Penal Code, it constitutes a swindle "by the use of a false name or a false quality, or by the abuse of a true quality, The use of fraudulent acts, to deceive a natural or legal person and to determine it, to its prejudice or to the prejudice of a third party, to remit funds, securities or property to provide a service or consent An act requiring or discharging ". 
The offense of fraud by fraudulent use of a means of payment can give rise to a penalty of 5 years imprisonment and a fine of 400 000 €. The mere attempt is punished with the same penalties.The policy of our site is to prosecute anyone who will be guilty of such fraud attempts. We will not hesitate to file a complaint, in particular on the basis of the information provided during online orders (IP address, surname, first name or delivery details).

12. Protection of personal data
The personal information collected from the customer is essential to ensure the processing of the order, the routing of this order and the establishment of the corresponding invoice. 
Failure to provide such information will result in a refusal of the order. 
In order to comply with the law "Informatique et Libertés", the processing of personal information relating to customers has been the subject of a declaration to the CNIL (French National Commission for Information Technology and Liberties).

13. Contact information 
1 Allée de la Bécassine 
64230 Sauvagnon 
FRANCE contact@CMaison.fr
Tel: +33 558043578

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